X-DIGITAL - All digital headend solution and set-top platform



Pico Digital's powerful X-Digital radio distribution platform helps small and large radio networks deliver, schedule, and playout live and pre-recorded audio, via satellite or the Internet to radio stations throughout the world for AM/FM and or streaming broadcast. Fully integrated, the X-Digital platform seamlessly manages localized ads, weather, news, and any other content over live and pre-recorded programing. It is the most innovative, advanced, and cost-effective radio and audio broadcasting platform in the world.


  • Distribution of live and pre-recorded content
  • Spot insertion, program replacement
  • Time zone delay/delayed playback
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Pre-recorded channels and virtual channels
  • Complete integration with sales, traffic, and automation systems
  • Off-air play monitoring and verification
  • Accountability (at receiver and broadcast levels)



Pico Digital offers two complete X-Digital solutions. Our X-Digital6 System is for broadcasters who need to distribute live and pre-recorded content with automated scheduling and the ability to insert localized content. Our Xpress System serves broadcasters who need live program distribution only. As your needs change, you can easily upgrade from Xpress to X-Digital6.

X-Digital6 Platform

X-DIGITAL system diagram

The X-Digital6 System is right for you if you:

  • Need distribution of live and prerecorded content
  • Need automated management and scheduling of live and prerecorded content
  • Need ability to insert localized content
  • Need to be able to monitor and verify playout for affiliate affidavits

Xpress Radio System for Small Networks

X-DIGITAL system diagram

The Xpress System is right for you if you:

  • Have aging SCPC systems
  • Need live program distribution only
  • Need Relay Closure commands
  • Need simple local ID playout
  • Need RDS data
  • Have no need to verify playout at central location

X-Digital Headend Components

X-DIGITAL system diagram

X-Digital6 and Xpress feature an XDigital headend with analog, AES3, and AES67 encoders and DVB mux. Xpress is available with up to 4 channels; XDigital6 is available with up to 80 channels

X-Digital6 Network & Content Management

X-DIGITAL system diagram

The full-featured X-Digital6 Platform features a network and content management system that gives you web-based central control for distributing live or stored content as well as the ability to schedule each of your receivers for regionalized content with regionalized commercials. The system also allows you to provide as player spot insertion logs.

  • Receiver and network configuration management through satellite or internet
  • Advanced scheduler for network or localized programs, live or recorded program objects
  • Store and forward file delivery
  • Copy split for regional commercial insertion
  • Ability to provide as played spot insertion logs